About Us

The Sales Team of VETERAN Home Services, Inc. (VHS), is unparalleled in many ways, from other Real Estate Brokerages. Not only does our Sales Team of highly qualified professionals, have over “130” years of local real estate sales experience, but more importantly, we have developed a culture of working in unison to ensure each Agent’s success in completing sales transactions. Relying on each other’s database of potential Clients who might fit the needs of a every Buyer or a Seller, greatly enhances our abilities of timely and highly efficient sales transactions from start to finish.


VHS has also built a stellar reputation of exceeding the expectations of each and every Client; in addition to, being recognized as Ventura County’s premiere Brokerage in servicing the needs of all Patriots! Whether you are a Patriotic Civilian, or a VETERAN, or one of our many local “Active Duty” Military personnel, we are eager to answer any question you might have. With over 90% of our Sales Agents being “Military Relocation Professional” (MRP) certified, VHS continues to set the standard for all Brokerages in Ventura County, of recognizing and developing a strategic approach to meeting the specific challenges that Active Duty Military personnel (and their families) must contend with in satisfying their unique housing needs.


The continued change of housing dynamics in Ventura County which consumers face on a daily basis, predicates the need for Sales Professionals who exemplify a “solution oriented” focus in these endeavors. With so much “mis-information’ flooding the Internet, social media and other outlets, even well-intending family members with outdated information, there has never been a more critical time to work with professionals of the caliber of The Sales Team of VETERAN Home Services, Inc. Please feel free to call any member of the VHS Sales Team for a completely FREE and comprehensive analysis of your housing needs.